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A New Frontier?: Blay Classic!

Social Media Manager "Wimbledon" - 3:23 PM (CST) 4/5/24

Hey all, Community "Wimbledon" here. First-- with a heavy heart I thought I'd share some unfortunate news for you all: The BlayKeyBlocks mod is discontinued for the time being...

I know, I know, I am just as unhappy about this news as you are, I am sure. After inquiries to the dev team, they stated the mod may still work for 1.6 but they are not sure. That being said, if you are able to launch it and get it working, I guess the mod was "automatically" ported! 😇😇😇

NOTE: if you could not see the previous characters, they were smiling face with halo emoji! 😇

Another silver lining of this news is that the ENTIRE BlayKeyBlocks Mod source code has been made available at this link! We are (or at least I am... he he he!) hoping some of our dedicated fans will port the mod to the latest update of StarDewValley-- version 1.6! Remember, the mod is still proprety of ClarkStreetStudios so make sure you give us credit and send us the source code!

But enough about the "BlayKeyBlocks Mod"-- the purpose for this post is to announce what the DevTeam (DT) has been up to instead of porting the "BlayKeyBlocks" "Mod":


Thats right-- a brand new game from our DevTeam-- Blay Classic!

So what is Blay Classic!? Simply put, Blay Classic! is a puzzle game hailed as "the next soduku" by some of your favorites online! Without giving out too much information, Blay Classic! is a puzzle game!

Although Blay Classic! has been in development for a few months, the DT (DevTeam) gave me the green flag to announce this epic new project! This is where our immense resources have been allocated the past few months... and it will take a few more! 😎 (NOTE: If you could not see the previous characters, they were smiling face with sunglasses emoji! 😎) In the meantime, I was provided this screenshot by the DevTeam over in our "Studio Building" (which is on a different campus from where I am writing this!):

image of the Devs <strong>Blay Classic!</strong> progress!

Look at this cool menu screen!

Look at those colors! Look at those lines! What a cool intro screen! Everyone comment it with me: "THANK YOU CSSDT!"

Anyway, that's gonna be it for me today! Thanks so much for reading! "Wimbledon"... SIGNING OFF! 👋 (NOTE: If you could not see the previous characters, they were waving hand emoji! 👋)

The BlayKeyBlocks Mod... Gone For Good?

Social Media Manager "Wimbledon" - 9:03 PM (CST) 3/25/24

As some of you may know, the Clark Street Studios (CSS) Dev Team (DT) is the developer for the popular StarDewValley Mod the "BlayKeyBlocks Mod" which essentially overhauls many core gameplay loops of The Concerned Ape's popular SDV game.

In recent gaming news, StarDewValley has been updated to version 1.6. This update has brought many unique changes to the game (some of which may have been 'borrowed' from our very own BlayKeyBlocks mod, such as the namesake of the mod, the "BlayKeyBlock").

Unfortuneatley, as you are likely well aware of the BlayKeyBlocks Mod is a version 1.5 mod.

As of right now, the CSSDT (Clark Street Studios Dev Team) has not given an official comment on the status of the BlayKeyBlocks Mod, particularly concerning how long it will take to update (or if it will be updated at all... D:).

Rest assured, as the Social Media Manager (SMM) here at Clark Street Studios (CSS) I will do my best to keep you all informed on the status of the BlayKeyBlocks Mod.

In a recent interview regarding the news of a possible discontinuation of the BlayKeyBlocks Mod, a user from our forums, a user sent us the following image macro (not a meme) regarding the situation:

image macro of a disappointed fan

A disgruntled fan comments, "When I learned the 'BlayKeyBlocks Mod' was not being updated to 1.6... I... was disappointed"

Overall, it is clear to see that the community hasn't taken this fact lightly. To many, the BlayKeyBlocks mod provided a much needed overhaul to SDV and to learn that such a project could possibly be left discontinued left an understandable void in many hearts.

Regardless of what may transpire, make sure to keep updated by following our website for the latest news on the current situation.