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April 2024

Employee of the month

This month we celebrate the hard work of one of our employee's... the one and only fireblaze2939@gmail.com

Best known for his contributions to the version 1.5 mod for StarDewValley "The BlayKeyBlocks Mod". Fireblaze is also known as one of the founding members of ClarkStreetStudios (CSS).Some of his recent contributions to the CSS team are V-Bucks give aways to our other employees-- how generous! Many others have made comments on Fireblaze's team spirit and 'cracked coding' skills. From a recent interview we conducted, we have gotten a 99% positive response from Fireblaze's additions and energy in our team dynamics. In fact, Community Wimbledon has recently remarked,

"Of all our employees, Fireblaze is definitely deserving of our first ever employee of the month award. It's hard to believe we started as a small indie game company and still are with a 10x dev like him on the team" --community wimbledon

So what does Fireblaze gain for his unwavering loyalty and dedication to the CSS team? We conducted a strawpoll and asked our community what they would've liked to see Fireblaze take home this April!

And what do you know? Fireblaze was lucky enough to get his very own community title. From here on out, all of you reading this should address him as "Community Fireblaze". If I see any post neglecting this honorific title, you will be met with a swift ban.

So one more time, let's give it up to April 2024's employee of the month, Fireblaze2939!!